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Real People

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen


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C. Woods

Fitness Coach

“Viva Foods has provided me with tasty, convenient and healthy food, at an economical price.  The time savings and ability to maintain a healthy diet during busy workweeks has been a tremendous benefit to me”.

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J. Marciniak


“In the short term, Fery has helped me lose 10 pounds, simply by eating a healthy diet! But she has done much more for me in the long term by keeping me motivated, which is the most important factor of Viva Foods true value”.

M. Kitchen


“My lifestyle demands a lot of travel so I’m constantly on and off on diets but Fery definitely made sure I stayed on track and at the same time gave me room to work on the meal plan at my own pace, she is very flexible.  I didn’t even gain an ounce since she takes care of my meals.  I feel amazing from losing the weight – friends, family and colleagues pay compliments often and it really motivates me to lose even more”.

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Retired Photographer

“I’, over 50 and tried Viva Foods complete meal plan and I also began working out regularly because I’ve realized how energized I feel since I started to eat this healthy food, I have some special diet requirements and they always make their best to accommodate to my needs. This truly is a positive transformation because I was tired all the time, now I want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and it’s all because Viva Foods team took the time to work with me and help me change and stay active.”