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Our Paleo, Keto or simply healthy comfort meals delivered to you will help you stay lean, fit and healthy!

We can customize the meals to your needs and make them Low Sodium, Dairy Free, Diabetic Friendly,  Gluten Free or whatever dietary requirement you have! We are experts at making wholesome and affordable high-end meals from natural ingredients so you can easily achieve your nutritional goals.



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Does fresh, healthy and convenient meal delivery sound right?

Let’s start now!  Get your Keto, Paleo or simply a Healthy Meal Plan delivered to you


keto meal delivery

To learn more about us call (619) 961-0628

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Here is a sample of what could be included on your meal plan – all for the same price depending on how many meals or the package you decide to get for the week and most portions are under 500 cal. each. Once you purchase your meal package you will receive our current weekly menu and we can also cook or customize the meals according to your requirements.  Shop now to discover what Viva Foods is cooking!


With Viva Foods is easy to eat well and be fit because we love to eat and we not only cook as a job, we actually eat lots of healthy food and do our best to be in good shape.We want to share the enthusiasm of improving our wellness through natural food. A happy and successful life starts with a healthy body and you only have one

Remember, our menu changes every week and you’ll receive our weekly menus once you shop your meal package.

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