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We are experts at making wholesome meal prep plans from natural ingredients so you can easily achieve your nutritional goals to lose weight or stay fit and healthy – our food delivery is perfect for you and your family members. We offer a clean diet available for home, office or corporate meetings.

We can customize the meals to your needs and make them Low Sodium, Dairy-Free, Paleo diet, Keto, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free or adjust to whatever dietary requirement you have for weight loss or muscle building – it’s very easy! If fresh, healthy and convenient meal delivery sounds right, let’s start now!

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Choose how many meals would like per week and place your order


You will receive our current menu with more than 10 healthy options and it can be customized to your needs


We shop, cook and deliver your fresh food once per week

Healthy meal prep that
tastes like home

Experts at making wholesome & healthy food from natural ingredients so you can easily achieve your nutritional goals to lose weight or stay fit and healthy



Best Choice

It’s worth to check if the people making your food has a healthy body weight and a healthy lifestyle ✅ that will tell you if the food they make is really clean, healthy & good for you. Not everything labeled as protein or sugar-free is healthy or will have the effects you expect on your body. Choose your meal prep wisely, get informed and visit the About page to meet our chef, whom along Viva Foods staff is looking forward to cooking and planning the best meals for you

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Based on 40 Reviews
Tessa B.
Tessa B.
2020-09-14 14:37:11
Absolutely love this service. So yummy and nutritious at the same time. So glad my friend recommended it to me!
Katrina M.
Katrina M.
2020-09-01 15:37:56
I am so happy i started using viva foods during quarantine! I was postmating everything while working from home and this has been the best thing I’ve done….
Joseph D.
Joseph D.
2020-08-31 17:09:20
I have been enjoying Viva foods for 6 months and my experience has been great. I not only have shed some pounds but I’m also saving a lot of time not have…
Mabel C.
Mabel C.
2020-08-21 19:05:56
So grateful to have found Viva Foods. If you have food allergies or concerns this is your meal prep company! It is fresh not frozen, and locally made. I…
Jay D.
Jay D.
2020-08-05 15:20:02
Will keep it short and sweet – best tasting and healthy meal prep out there. Super responsive and flexible team. Order now!
Raymond. H.
Raymond. H.
2020-05-18 20:38:47
I after 4 years of an exhausting search finally found the place that will prepare and deliver my mom’s food with her finicky diet. She needs a specific low…
Ai H.
Ai H.
2020-04-20 16:31:05
Amazing food fresh, low cal, perfect packaging, great delivery affordable meal options and gracious to my specific needs and shorter time schedule .. even…
Minerva H.
Minerva H.
2020-01-29 13:18:04
I have tried two other meal prep services in the past. While the food was good enough as far as taste goes the customer service itself left much to be…
Eric R.
Eric R.
2019-10-10 08:38:53
Viva Foods has helped me stay disciplined with healthy lunch meals for me to lose the 10 lb weight loss goal that I had in 2 months. I like that main meals…

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